UGC NET Answer Keys 2012-2013 –

Importance of seeing the answer keys of UGC NET

When an online search is made regarding UGC NET December 2012, a lot of search results will be thrown up with UGC NET answer keys. Since the UGC NET was newly designed in the objective format since June 2012, the answer keys have become an integral part of preparing for the NET.

Importance of answer keys      

The importance of answer keys lies in the fact that it allows you to see what the correct answers to the questions in NET were. Since the answer keys are available on the net just a few days after the examination is conducted, candidates who have taken the examination will be able to get a fairly good idea about how well they have written their examination, before UGC declares the results.

In fact, the answer keys are of extreme importance to candidates who are planning to take the examination as well. For example, the answer keys for UGC NET June 2012 will come in extremely handy for those who are preparing for UGC NET December 2012. Going through the answer keys and making a list of questions with their correct answers will enable the candidates to take their preparation a few miles ahead.

Getting the answer keys

Getting the answer keys for June 2012 UGC NET is not difficult at all. Candidates can get these answers on the official website of UGC NET online. In order to find the answer keys, candidates will have to select the subject they will take the test in and then download the answer keys. For finding the answer keys for Paper I you do not need to select a subject because it is a common paper for all the candidates. It is the answer keys of Paper II and Paper III that needs to be downloaded subject wise. Knowing the answers of these questions in last year’s question papers will obviously help a candidate to do better.

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